Billy was a young boy walking through downtown Las Vegas with his mother when they stumbled into a Mindless One rampaging through the street. Billy mistook the monster for a superhero and approached it before his mother could stop him. The Scarlet Spider jumped into action and yanked Billy from the Mindless One's leg, but Billy attacked him and escaped with the monster. Since Mindless Ones are bent by the will of superior minds and it was cut off from the Dark Dimension, the monster started to obey Billy. They ended up surrounded by the police.[1]

The Scarlet Spider pulled the kid away from the Mindless One again, but it fired an energy blast at a police car. The explosion knocked the Scarlet Spider into a wall, which allowed Billy to escape and return. When the Mindless One was about to attack the Scarlet Spider again, Nakano of the Diogenes Initiative stabbed it in the back and electrified it. After the monster was neutralized, the Scarlet Spider returned Billy to his mother, who promissed he would be grounded.[2]

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