The young man who became known as Billy Buckskin was born sometime in the late 1830's. By the time the Mexican–American War (1846-1848) was in full swing Billy was 16 years old and an expert tracker, hunter and survivalist. He worked next to his father who was the Indian Agent for the local Kiowa Native American tribe. After Billy's father stopped a Kiowa brave named Nocana from convincing the Kiowa into going to war against the Osages tribe, Nocona murdered Billy's father in an attempt to frame it on the Osages in the hopes of tricking the US Army into going to war against the Osages. Billy brought his father's body to Fort Ironsides where he and Soapy, an old family friend, examined the arrow and realized that it was a Kiowa arrow, and not an Osage. Convincing the soldiers to stand down while he confronted Nacona alone, Billy and Soapy went after the renegade Native American, who at that point had amassed a small band of like minded renegades. The pair fought Nacona and his minions on the side of a mountain, and while Billy succeeded in defeating the renegade band, Nacona fled. Billy then vowed to hunt down Nacona and avenge his father's death.

Billy and Soapy soon became a regular staple at Fort Ironsides, regularly clashing with outlaws, Mexican soldiers, and renegade Native Americans, among other threats. In one of their earliest episodes, Billy and Soapy snuck out of Fort Ironsides to get reinforcements and supplies from Fort Banner, avoiding Mexican troops along the way. Later, they came to the aid of a stage coach that was attacked by the Gavin gang, escorting Sally Frosby back to Fort Ironsides to be reunited with her father, Captain Frosby.[1] Billy and Soapy next helped American soldiers fight off an attack by Mexican soldiers.[2]

While out on the trail, Billy and Soapy were captured by a Native American warrior named Attuwa who was determined to make him their slaves, but after Billy saved him from a bear, Attuwa set them free. The pair next rescued US Marshal Forbes and helped him capture two outlaws named Taggart and Reeves. Billy then returned to Fort Ironsides, and later while riding with Sally, was captured by his old foe Nacona. Sally was made a prisoner and Billy forced to trade her freedom for ammunition from the Fort. However Billy and Soapy left a trap, freeing Sally while the procured weapons exploded. Despite this victory for Billy, Nacona managed to escape capture once again. Billy and Soapy next went to Shaftville where they stopped a fur thief named Maddock.[3] The duo also stopped coach robber Chuck Farley and his gang.[4]

Back at the Fort, Billy was accused of stealing Native American ponies by a man named Blake. Billy turns himself in, but is broken out of his cell by both Sally and Soapy. The duo then exposed Blake as the real thief. Billy and Soapy next guided a wagon that was later attacked by a gang of renegade Native Americans led by a warrior named Chowat. Billy and Soapy later prevented another attempt by Nocona to obtain guns, this time from fur traders. While they foiled this plot as well, Nocona still managed to escape. When Billy disguised himself as a Native American in order to slip past and get help, Chowat was impressed by his bravery and let them go their own way. The pair next assisted the US Army again by helping them capture would-be conqueror Clyde Jason and his gang.[5] They next agreed to take an outlaw posing as US Marshal James Brandon to Point Barrows where Billy revealed that he was aware of the ruse and brought him to the authorities.[6] The pair then helped some settlers set up a new home and broker a peace agreement with nearby Chief Kowatti, despite attempts by one settler named Darby from souring things before peace could be made.[7] Later, Billy and Soapy prevented a logger named Moose from wrecking Ben Winter's mill.[8] In his last recorded appearance, Billy and Soapy were captured by the Cahitas tribe, whose medicine man accused them of being the reason for a game shortage that was pushing the tribe to the brink of starvation. However the pair were freed by Towani the son of the chief who did not believe Kalu's claims. Finding fresh game as they fled, Billy drew them back to the tribe where they saved Towani from Kalu's wraith, and then brought the tribe to their new hunting grounds.[9]

Billy's subsequent adventures are unrecorded and it is unknown if he ever brought Nocona to justice for his father's murder.


Buckskin was a good hand-to-hand combatant and horseman. He was also a decent shot with a rifle.


Billy dresses entirely in Buckskin




Billy carried a rifle.

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