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Billy Russoti (Earth-TRN011) from Punisher War Zone (film) 0002


Villain of the Punisher. Billy Russotti is one of the main mobsters in NY working for Gaitano Cesare. When the boss has a meeting of all the main families he has a quarrel with Cesare, who mocks him because of the mental state of his brother Jim. When The Punisher arrives and kills most of the family leaders Russotti manages to escape and goes to his hideout in a recycling plant.
Billy Russoti (Earth-TRN011) from Punisher War Zone (film) 0003

Before the scars

The Punisher has followed him and wages a assault. During the fight, Russotti is thrown in a glass-crushing machine. Left for dead, Russotti survives and is brought by Ink and Pittsy to a surgeon, being horribly disfigured. The surgeon can do nothing about his face, which is literally falling to pieces. Having lost his beauty and his pride, Russotti begins to call himself Jigsaw and start seeking revenge. He then frees his brother Jim and amasses a large army of criminals to do his bidding. However he and his army are killed by the Punisher.[1]

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