Billy Taylor was the young son of a family of mutants which included his father, mother, and sister Wendy. The children got into an argument about whether or not "monsters" employed by the government kidnap people, only for those very monsters to arrive in the form of the Weapon X Program, represented by Kane, Sauron, and Wildchild. Mr. Taylor attempted to buy enough time for his family to escape from them, but Mrs. Taylor and her children found their exit blocked by Marrow, Washout, and Sabretooth. Though they attempted to use their powers on the attackers, they were put to sleep by Mesmero.

The Taylors were taken to Neverland, the mutant concentration camp, where Billy befriended Maggott, another inmate. The Taylors were branded with green 'M's on their hands, denoting powers useful to the Program. Those branded with red 'M's, like Maggott, were immediately put to death upon arrival, an atrocity Billy witnessed. When Mrs. Taylor became too weak to move from the experiments the Program performed on her, she arranged for a passage out of Neverland for her children, by way of Project scientist Dr. Windsor.[1]

Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, as Dr. Windsor was actually Mr. Sinister, who continued experimenting on the children. While Wendy was thought to have died along 182 other subjects, she in fact survived to the experience.[2]

His and his sister's final fates in Sinister's hands were unrevealed.


It is unknown precisely what Billy's powers were, but upon activating them his eyes glowed purple and emitted energy.

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