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Quote1 When I fire, it's unconscious... instinctual... I don't think about it. So isolating that instinct -- honing it into something controlled -- is surprisingly complex. Shaping something to your will... something that you always just took for granted... and making it into something new. Quote2
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When Captain Marvel was trapped inside a "Faraday cage" specifically designed by Vox Supreme to repel her energy powers,[2] she attempted to manipulate her photon blasts differently, inspired by Monica Rambeau's power use. As a result, by recalling her period as the mighty cosmic hero Binary, she shaped her energy into a duplicate who managed to release her from her enclosure. After reabsorbing the energy duplicate, Captain Marvel had no choice but to conjure her another time after being kidnapped by Vox Supreme once again.[1]

Teaming up with Phyla-Vell, the mute energy form clashed with Vox Supreme and broke Captain Marvel free. Captain Marvel theorized that by being in contact with Vox Supreme's headquarters on a distant planet nourished by the Phoenix Force and revitalized through the original Captain Marvel's dead body, her energy form gained sentience. After being in physical contact with Captain Marvel, the energy form adopted the Binary visual identity and joined Captain Marvel and her friends to confront Vox Supreme's army.[3]

During the invasion of a rogue group of Brood, Binary fought them alongside Carol and some members of the X-Men. However, she was killed by their Empress, but in her final moments Binary encouraged Carol to take down the Brood.[4]


"Binary" was originally conjured as a result of Carol Danvers shaping her photon blasts into a human-like form. Since Danvers specifically focused on her days as the cosmic hero Binary to create this energy form, considering this was a moment of her life when she was more confident.[1] Apparently, the energy form assimilated parts of Danvers' memories and is recognized by others to be similar to her template. However, as a being of photonic energy Binary is unable to communicate verbally.[3]



when she was Binary, although she has no physical body.


  • Binary star systems are systems with two stars orbiting each other, being bound by their gravitational force. The name was originally adopted by Carol Danvers when she was able to physically tap into the primal forces of a white hole, the very fabric of the universe. As such, her body manifested properties similar to those of stars. The dual star symbol on the Binary costume symbolizes a binary system.[5]

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