Doctor Doom, mostly a developer of weapons, also built a number of non-offensive devices including the Bio-Enhancer.[1] The Bio-Enhancer is a medical device to stimulate a person's natural healing process to the utmost. The subject is made to lay in a table, then the machine bombs him or her with energy[1][2] to boost cell reproduction and metabolic rates.[1] The Bio-Enhancer also restaures any problem in an injured limb, including massive damage in tissue and even heals scars.[2] The Bio-Enhancer is unable to heal diseases or poisons, but it heals damage from almost any possible attack.[1] Other people can be near the machine while in use, suffering no adverse effect.[2]

Doom used this device once on Storm of the X-Men, who had been injured in her left arm by the Jonathan Storm. In a matter of hours, Storm was walking again; that same night, she was recovered enough for a training duel. Storm's mate Psylocke, skeptical of Doom's motives, believed that Doom may had shared the device with the world to save a number of lives.[2]

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