The Biocode Installer is a device used to print a Biocode into a person's body in order to allow them to use the DISKs. Originally, there were five Biocode Installers, but four of them were destroyed by the Celebrity Five, and the last one was damaged by M.O.D.O.K.'s laser. While normally the Biocode Installer imbues the individual with the ability to use a DISK and release its occupant indefinitely, when the last remaining Biocode Installer was damaged before use by M.O.D.O.K., it resulted in the transfer of what is called a Limited Biocode to the users. This prevents them from using DISKs of more than one type and also means that the occupant of the DISK can only be released for three hundred and thirty three seconds at a time, or five and a half minutes, before requiring a six hour period to recharge.[1]

Near the end of the series, when Nozomu Akatsuki returns from the Dark Dimension and is saved from Dormammu's influence, he builds a new Biocode Installer to give Nick Fury a complete biocode.[2]

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