After obtaining the brain of the cyborg John Kelly,[1] scientist Billy Hansen experimented on it with nano-fluid and other chemicals to see if he could revive Kelly. When nothing happened, Hansen disposed of the brain. That was when the nanotechnology caused the brain to began absorbing the organic waste of the dump, transforming it into a monstrosity that could consume living creatures and absorb their DNA and memories.[2]

In search of John Kelly's memories, Biohazard broke into a records room that belonged to SHIELD where it consumed agent Harry Angstrom. With Angstrom's memories and an image of John Kelly, Biohazard remembered about Kelly's past and continued searching for Kelly's memories.[3]

Later, Biohazard dug up the corpse of its creator Billy Hansen and consumed his brain to attain his memories. It also created a clone of Hansen with all of his memories and with Biohazard's DNA.[4]

The Hansen clone went to visit the cyborg Michael Collins who was visiting his family and warned him of what Biohazard was and that it was targeting him for the back up of John Kelly's memories stored in him. Then Biohazard took control of the clone and had him attack Deathlok. Deathlok was unable to defeat the clone but was fortunately rescued by SHIELD agent Earl Angstrom, Harry Angstrom's father, while wearing a Mandroid Armor. Angstrom rendered the clone powerless using a nanotech blocker created from a shed skin left behind by Biohazard. Collins and Angstrom placed the clone in a canister made of adamantium.[5]

Meanwhile, Biohazard found John Kelly's wife and daughter and attacked. They were rescued by Collins and Angstrom. Biohazard was too big to be placed in the adamantium canister and was immune to Angstrom's nanotech blocker. When Collins tried to reason with Biohazard, the creature stopped its rampage briefly, allowing Collins to attack it and remove John Kelly's brain. Without the brain, Biohazard could no longer function. Angstrom was then able to kill Biohazard using the Mandroid Armor's weapons.[6]


Genetic Manipulation: Biohazard could absorb the DNA of any creature it consumed and then manipulate it.[2]

  • Clone Creation: Biohazard could create a clone of anyone it consumed and could control the actions of the clone even from a distance.[5]

Shapeshifting: Biohazard's nanotech allowed it to shapeshift, including form tentacles and blades.[5]
Anti-Nanotech Resistance: Biohazard appears to have some resistance to measures created to counter nanotech.[6]
Memory Absorption: By consuming creatures, whether alive or dead, Biohazard could absorb their memories and add them to his own.[7]


The Brain: Biohazard's brain was its weak spot. Its removal prevented Biohazard from functioning.[6]

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