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Commander Rann's roboid copilot during his 1,000 year sojourn through the Microverse, Biotron served as Rann's telepathic eyes and ears while his physical body was kept in stasis. Biotron continued to serve as Rann's copilot aboard the HMS Endeavor in their war against Baron Karza. Biotron was an unflappable foil for Commander Rann. Biotron's model series had long since become obsolete and, of course, he took this in stride with his trademark dry, erudite wit. Tragically, Biotron was the first major casualty among the Micronauts in the Karza War. Biotron was somewhat reborn as the Micronaut's second ship, the Bioship. This Bioship's personality was based on Microtron, Nanotron, and Commander Rann's memories of the original Biotron. A second Biotron was later created to accompany the Micronauts on their new voyages, though it had none of the original's personality or memories.[citation needed]

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