Birdy became the partner of Sabretooth. She would use her telepathy to help keep him calm.[1]

Birdy accompanied Sabretooth while he searched for answers on who was trying to kill him and Mystique. Mystique revealed that she had given birth to a son, Graydon Creed.[2]

Birdy was stabbed by Graydon.[3]


  • Telepathy: She was capable of doing something which Sabretooth referred to as 'the glow', where she would enter his mind astrally and sort his bad memories to the back of his head, making him more lucid and peaceable.
  • Distort Radio Frequencies: Through an unknown manner she was able to distort radio frequencies.


Able to operate a number of firearms, most of which were bigger than she.

Strength level

She was stated to be an Alpha-Class Psi Talent by Maverick.[4]


Guns, grenades

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