Owned by Kate Bishop's father, the Bishop Publishing building lay vacant for several years. After the Young Avengers were evicted from the ruins of Avengers Mansion, Kate decided to move their headquarters to this building. Bishop Publishing has served as the the Young Avengers' bases ever since.

Points of Interest

Kate Bishop seems to have had the building furnished with;[1]

  • Archery room/Armoury (shown to contain various martial arts weaponry)
  • Kitchen
  • Recreational areas (a living room and a games room were shown)
  • Training room/Gymnasium
  • Personal quarters (unknown as of yet, as this would depended on any members living in the building; i.e. Speed, Vision, Hulkling).


While this has not been verified the possible residents, would be;


  • The use of the Bishop Publishing building as a base of operations for the Young Avengers is not much of a secret as it's location and use is known to The Avengers.[2]
  • Bishop Publishing was established in 1924 as can be read on the buildings front.

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