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Quote1.png You have a lovely Way with a Compliment, Bishop. Most Men would not need an Order to spend Time with me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Escape From Tomorrow"

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Synopsis for "Escape From Tomorrow"

Bishop runs through a Danger Room sequence that features the death of Malcolm and Randall at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy. He still is unable to save their lives like he was not able to do in the real life sequence. He begins another sequence and Professor X stops this from the control center. He tells Bishop to take a break. Storm tells him that he needs a break and offers to have him go to the theater. He finally agrees and gives Forge a copy holographic canister containing his sister's memories and brain patterns. He asks Forge to try to fix the "glitch" that has developed.

In Central Park, Bantam is running from something. Suddenly a mutant named Mountjoy appears and Bantam is terrified. Mountjoy reaches to kill Bantam and they are interrupted by a gang that is going to beat them both up. Mountjoy attacks and Bantam takes off. The gang members are all killed except the leader. Mountjoy seems to take over his body, like a host. Bantam runs to a payphone in town. He calls up the X-Mansion to try to find Bishop. Jubilee answers and she says he is not at home but going to a play instead.

Bishop and Storm walk towards the play. Bantam appears and stops them both. He says that Mountjoy is back and tries to explain that he has been running from him and that he needs Bishop's protection. Mountjoy drops his last mount and goes after Storm. He takes over her body and Bishop attacks him. The fight all over the alleyway. Finally Mountjoy is kicked out of her body and runs off into the city. Storm realizes that Bishop has been wounded and is not answering her calls to him.


  • First Bishop stand-alone series
  • Silver metallic enhanced cover
  • Variant cover made for the San Diego Comic Con
  • 1-page pinup featuring Randall, Shard and Bishop

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