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Synopsis for "One Man Posse"

Bishop dreams that he is in the X-Mansion and has killed the X-Men. He confronts himself and suddenly awakens to a hologram of his sister, Shard. Her hologram was fixed by Forge and now she is interactive. Professor comes in and asks about Mountjoy. Bishop explains who Mountjoy is and that he must stop him and if killing him breaks his vows as a X-Man, then he is going to have to resign as an X-Man and he walks off.

Mountjoy goes to a woman's loft with her. They begin to kiss and then he takes over her body and is going to use her to sneak up on Bishop. He plans what he is going to do next.

Meanwhile, Bishop heads into the city and goes to the police station. His sister, Shard rides there with him. They arrive there and although a hologram, Bishop puts manacles on her and takes her inside as his "prisoner". He causes a distraction in the police station that allows him to get the address of the person Mountjoy has used as a "ride". It happens that Mountjoy is also in the police station and he attacks Bishop. Bishop does not allow him to take over his body and a chase begins. Bishop follows Mountjoy who has taken a police car. The car suddenly explodes and Bishop is sent flying off the back. He wakes up later and sees Shard is a physical being and no longer a hologram. He seems to be back in his own timeline and he thinks the X-Men encounter he has had must have all been a dream.


  • Gold metallic enhanced cover
  • Variant cover made by Leinil Francis Yu and Wes


  • Bishop dreams that he is the killer of the X-Men.
  • Bishop remembers his own timeline and thinks that he is back home.


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