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Appearing in "Future Intense"

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Synopsis for "Future Intense"

Bishop talks to his sister Shard and does not believe that he is back in his own reality. She slaps him to prove that it is not a hallucination and then Malcolm shows up. Bishop now knows that it is a hallucination and it starts to fade. He remembers he was chasing Mountjoy and begins to look for him. He does not go far when he finds him in an alley. Mountjoy takes the body of a bum and begins to take off. Bishop grabs a high voltage line and "recharges" himself. He chases Mountjoy to the top of a building and Mountjoy then knocks Bishop off the side of the building. Bishop falls to the gorund and then is knocked out.

While out, Bishop dreams back to when he was a child and was "watched over" by the blind Hancock. Hancock tells him of the past and how the Sentinels attacked and then everyone joined a rebellion. His sister shows up with some herbs and then Mountjoy appears. Bishop does not understand since he did not meet Mountjoy till much later in his adulthood. Mountjoy attacks and Bishop brushes him off. He stumbles down an alley and runs into some thugs. He hallucinates and believes that these thugs are really mutants from his timeline, Halftrak and Billiboy. Some police show up and he believes them to be his old X.S.E. partners Recoil and Amazon. Mountjoy attacks and kills the police and tries to take over the two thugs. Bishop stops him and puts a gun to Mountjoy but cannot pull the trigger. He remembers having an argument with his sister and this flashback is broken when a police officer shoots at Bishop and tells him to put down the gun. Mountjoy takes off and Bishop chases after.

They enter into the subway. Mountjoy runs off into the tunnels since he has just missed the train. Bishop runs down the tunnels and continues to have his memories chasing after him. He stops and grabs his head. Mountjoy then pounces on him out of the shadows and takes over his body. He then says that he is going to destroy the X-Men.


  • Red embossed metallic cover.
  • Flashbacks take place in the alternate reality of Earth 1191
  • Pages: 22


  • Bishop remembers when he was a kid and was having to take care of his little sister Shard.
  • Bishop remembers when he was recruited by members of the X.S.E. and being attacked by Billiboy and Halftrak

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