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Quote1.png Those feelings are what mark Bishop as a great X-Man. They are his true power. His commitment to his what the X-Men represent -- his spirit embodies what my dream is all about. He has chosen his heart over his past. He is, heart and soul, one us us. And few have paid a greater price. Quote2.png
Professor X

Appearing in "Final Reckonings"

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Synopsis for "Final Reckonings"

Bishop walks towards the X-Mansion and Mountjoy has taken over his body. Psylocke senses him approaching and senses his presence but feels it is "fuzzy". Bishop enters and takes over Psylocke and Gambit. Bishop is freed from Mountjoy and is left unconscious. Professor X rolls up towards the mansion and Mountjoy realizes that if he kills Professor X then he has won his battle. Archangel approaches and senses danger. Mountjoy attacks him as well. Shard shows up as a hologram and wakes up Bishop. Together, her and Bishop plan to get Mountjoy into the danger room. Shard finds Mountjoy and he attacks her. She runs and he chases her. He goes into the danger room and Bishop closes the door behind him.

They battle in the danger room and Shard even helps out. Mountjoy grabs her and begins to take her over when Bishop grabs a high voltage line and electrocutes Mountjoy. This forces him to release Psylocke, Archangel, and Gambit. They all lie on the ground and Shard's hologram begins to short out. She tells Bishop to kill Mountjoy for all his transgressions. Professor X and Beast watch from the control center and decide to let Bishop choose whether or not he is going to kill him or take the X-Men way and allow him to live. Bishop apologizes to his sister and she fades off. He allows Mountjoy to live and Professor X congratulates Bishop on allowing Mountjoy to live. Bishop exits the danger room a changed man.

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