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Quote1.png Valka! Bishru! Sumarr! Luma! I am yours! Quote2.png
Kamuu's last words[src]


Bishru was seemingly a deity of Pre-Cataclysmic Age Atlantis.

Circa 18,000 BC and the Great Cataclysm, Shabbar was his priest and the guardian of his temple[1] (see notes).

Bishru's name was invoked by Kamuu,[2] and shouted its name among other Atlantean deities as he died.[3] Shabbar survived as a living skeleton, who slew any who intruded on his domain,[1] until circa 6,000 BC.

The "Baleful Bolts of Bishru" was a spell that summons burning beams of mystical energy to attack opponents, and used notably by Master Khan,[4] Doctor Strange,[5] and Umar.[6]


  • Bishru's nature is unknown, and could be a non-magical being, such as an ancestor or an historical figure, or even a location.[7]

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