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Bitterhand, along with Wormwood and Grendell, was a long time servant of Malekith.[1] During the War of the Realms, Malekith constructed the Black Bifrost to travel across the Ten Realms undetected.[2] Bitterhand was appointed the master of the Black Bifrost and given the Bitterblade, a sword to control it, similar to the sword Hofund wielded by Heimdall.[3]

In order to stop Malekith's forces from ambushing them again, All-Mother Freyja put together a team consisting of herself and the Punisher, as well as three Avengers -- Blade, Ghost Rider, and She-Hulk -- to infiltrate Svartalfheim and destroy the Black Bifrost.[4] After fighting their way through an army of Dark Elves, Freyja stole the sword from Bitterhand and killed him with it to seize control of the Black Bifrost herself.[5]

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