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Appearing in "Demon in a Silvered Glass"

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  • Valusian navy (Mentioned)
  • Tigers (Only in recap)
  • Lemurian pirates (Only in recap)
  • Red Slayers (Main story and recap)
  • Valka (Invoked)
  • Hotath (Invoked)
  • Savage Gods (Invoked)

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  • Topaz Throne (Main story and recap)

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Synopsis for "Demon in a Silvered Glass"

Sekhmet Tharn, a sorcerer of the Serpent-Men, set out to conquer Valusia. He re-animated the corpses of Valusian kings and send them to terrorize Valusians. Kull found himself facing his predecessor King Borna. Destroying him for a second time. Jeesala, daughter of Sekhmet Tharn, attempted to seduce Kull. He turned her down. Sekhmet Tharn then managed to drug Kull. Jeesala attempted to seduce him again and this time succeeded. They had sex right before the eyes of her father. The corrupted Kull took her as his new royal mistress.

Under the influence of Jeesala, Kull degenerated into a tyrant. He taxed Valusians heavily and physically abused them. Soon the people were ready to turn on hin, even his loyal Red Slayers. Brule attempted to reason with Kull and bring him back to his senses. Kull simply strucked him and ordered him to leave. The following a rebellion broke out. Jeesala almost slew Kull through an enchanted mirror, but Brule saved him. Breaking the mirror resulted in Kull regaining his senses. Jeesala took her true form and revealed that an army of undead kings was marching against the City. She tried to kill Kull using an acid-dart. He dodged the dart, grabbed Brule's spear and killed her.

Kull and Brule managed to convince the revolting Valusians to turn their attentions toward the undead army. every able-bodied man in the City of Wonders fought against the undead. Sekhmet Tharn appeared and summoned a Kraken to enforce his army. He then tried slsying Kull, forming a corrupted double of the king. Kull slew his evil double and decapited Sekhmet Tharn. With his death, the Kraken also died. Kull managed to regain the trust of his people.


  • This issue is divided into four parts, each with their own story title. They are:
    • Restless Spirits (Part one, pages 6-17)
    • A Madness of Mirrors (Part two, pages 18-27)
    • And in Decadence, the Descent (Part three, pages 28-41)
    • The True Enemy Within (Part four, pages 42-60)
  • An advertisement for this story appears in King Conan #6 (June 1981).

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