Quote1 You have done well. Now we must act quickly. The veil that the child and I have cast over the Jailer's eyes will not last long. I have battered at this place's defenses for years, using every shred of my metal mastery that trickled back to me. Waiting for a telepath with gifts like this child's. Waiting for one with your power and discipline, Black Bolt. Quote2
-- Metal Master

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• The prisoners revolt! But are Black Bolt and his unlikely allies simply pawns in a bigger game?

• Plus: Death’s Head! Is he there to help…or hunt?

• And who — or what — is the warden of this strange place? Whatever it is, the Jailer knows only penance and fear. And soon, so will the Silent King!


  • In the first panel of page 19, Black Bolt's pose appears to be traced from the cover of Uncanny Inhumans #0


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