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Quote1.png Oh, I see how it is. You're happy to run around Madripoor with me, but oh no, you can't take a flatscan home to Mother! Quote2.png
Black Cat

Appearing in "Sleight of Hand: part 2"

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Synopsis for "Sleight of Hand: part 2"

Logan and Felicia escape as Kilgore places a bounty on their head. The two find themselves facing several mercenaries including Deadpool, but in the end they manage to defeat them all and escape. Meanwhile Bruno and Boris recover Wolverine's belongings who, out of gratitude, gives Felicia the picture she wanted to steal from him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Felicia and Logan on the run from all matter of Madripoorian murder squads!

• Kade Kilgore, former head of the Hellfire Club, current boss of the criminal capital of the world, has marked them for death and you won’t believe who comes to collect!

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