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Quote1 "Probability" is just a five-dollar word for "luck." And I'm nothing but bad luck, baby. Quote2
Black Cat

Appearing in "Holiest of Holies: part 2"

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Synopsis for "Holiest of Holies: part 2"

Having come across Doctor Strange's ghost dog, Felicia is mistaken for Silver Sable, and decides to pass herself off as her, impersonating her accomplices as the Wild Pack. Fortunately, Felicia's powers make her immune to her magic, so she manages to steal the stone from Xander and defeat him, and then escape.

Solicit Synopsis

• Surprising no one, Black Cat’s heist of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum has gone horribly wrong.

• Felicia and her crew are under attack in a place where any wrong turn or opened door means certain death.

• It would take an insane amount of luck to get out alive. How much luck would it take to get out alive with the loot?

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