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Quote1.png I am one of the greatest thieves this world has ever seen. I am very familiar with want. And I see that my protégé is even better -- for she did the impossible without even trying: she stole your heart. Quote2.png
Black Fox

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Synopsis for "The Want"

The Black Fox and Odessa recall the history of the Thieves' Guild. An immortal creature Candra, she gave eternal life to the thieves who agreed to serve her. At one point, however, the New York guild offended the benefactress and she withdrew her gift. The members of the New York guild became mortal and were treated as pariahs by the other branches of the organization who remained loyal to Candra. The blame for all of this fell on the main New York thief family the Drakes. Castillo father of Odessa and pupil of the fox decided to remedy that situation and to find another source of immortality. He found it and died a week after an argument with the Black Fox that Odessa believes killed him. Odessa, however, continued the search for her father and by making a pact with a demon she obtained immortality. The fox, however, notices that she is chained to a role she has not chosen and that she is envious of Felicia and her freedom as well as being in love with her. At that moment Felicia arrives and frees her mentor. From that moment on, there will be war between her and the guild.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Black Cat finally takes on Odessa Drake and the Thieves Guild of New York!

• If Felicia has any chance of getting back her kidnapped mentor, The Black Fox, she’s going to have to take on an army of ninjas and a cabal of wizards. No sweat, right?

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