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Quote1.png I knew you would follow after your father. I hated it, but I knew. But the Black Fox... he made you into the Black Cat. And I've never stopped being afraid for you since you began living like that. Quote2.png
Lydia Hardy

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Synopsis for "Girls' Night Out"

For fear of retaliation from Odessa, Felicia gives her mother a cruise. Since her accomplices are in charge of her, she recruits Beetle to infiltrate the Rand Tower and scan a machine she needs data for. The two are surprised by Iron Fist and Pei and escape after a short fight. Returning to her refuge, Felicia discovers that Odessa's subordinates set it on fire.

Solicit Synopsis

• Black Cat and the Thieves Guild are now in an all-out WAR!

• In wars, there are casualties and Felicia needs to get someone she loves out of the city immediately.

• But can she trust THE BEETLE (fresh off her AMAZING SPIDER-MAN supporting role) to help her?

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