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Quote1.png Here we go. On one of the Goblin's old rides. A ghost dog strapped to my chest. Counting on some alien goo to protect me from a different alien goo. Breaking a wizard out of space jail. If I die, at least it'll be how I lived. Outrageously. Quote2.png
Black Cat

Appearing in "Queen in Black: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Queen in Black: Part Two"

Looking out over the cityscape, Black Cat points out Doctor Strange's symbiote-prison positioned at the top of the Chrysler Building's spire and tells Bruno Grainger and Dr. Boris Korpse to saddle up. In a flashback to a couple of hours prior, Dr. Steve incredulously asks her if she's seriously planning to jailbreak Doctor Strange, Felicia irritably listing all of the impossible heists she's pulled recently before quipping that Knull doesn't scare her. Noting that all good heists come down to information, equipment, skill, and luck, Felicia notes she has the last two on her side and as much intel as they were able to procure, asking Dr. Steve what he can do for her in terms of equipment. Pulling out a pair of spherical capsules, Dr. Steve states that when Eddie Brock first warned him about the threat Knull posed he began working on mass-producing the Anti-Venom Serum and attempting to convert it into a wearable battlesuit by combining it with samples of Weapon V's Sym-Suits obtained from the site of one of Dark Carnage's attacks, but hasn't had time to perfect it. Dr. Steve explains that the prototype Anti-Venom Suits are immune to Knull's control but unstable, only being viable for a few minutes when released from their containment units. As Dr. Steve wonders how she intends to find Dr. Strange in the enormous mass of symbiotes imprisoning him, Felicia says she has an idea before telling Dr. Korpse to call up the friend he thinks they don't know about.

In the present, Bats is overjoyed to be back on Black Cat's crew, Felicia apologizing for getting him in trouble with Dr. Strange previously. Bruno snickers at Dr. Korpse being friends with Bats, Dr. Korpse irritably retorting that Bats is good at chess and possesses intriguing insights into the paranormal. Ignoring them, Black Cat tells Bats to find Dr. Strange once they're inside the symbiote mass, pulling out a piece of the Asgardian staff he'd carved from Yggdrasil and asking if it'll give him the power he needs to kill Knull. Bats notes that he thinks so, adding that it gave Strange the power to fight on par with Loki and even the small remaining chunk of it reeks of divine power. Turning to Bruno and Dr. Korpse, Black Cat asks if the old Goblin Glider they appropriated is functional, wondering who would leave it just sitting around at Alchemax. Admitting that she's always wanted to fly one, she climbs onboard and takes off towards Dr. Strange's prison.

Leaping off the Goblin Glider, Black Cat activates the Anti-Venom Suit and is grossed out by the sensation of it covering her, reminding herself she needs it to avoid being taken over by Knull's symbiotes. Plunging into the symbiote mass, she lets the suit breathe for her but quickly loses all sense of direction. Bats appears, telling her he's found Dr. Strange, and Black Cat notes that the Anti-Venom Suit is barely holding up against the hatred radiating from the dark symbiotes surrounding it; angrily blaming Eddie Brock for Knull's invasion and vowing to punch his teeth down his throat the next time she sees him. As she burrows through the symbiote mass, Black Cat thinks to herself that she hates them and that it all started when Spider-Man brought the Venom symbiote back from space. As she thinks to herself that it can't be a coincidence that symbiotes tend to bond to twisted losers like Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady, and worst of all Lee Price, she spots Dr. Strange cocooned by the symbiotes in a parody of how Knull himself was once imprisoned in Klyntar. As Bats tries to wake Dr. Strange up, Black Cat grumbles that he'd better be worth the faith Captain America put in him and notes that her Anti-Venom Suit is on the brink of death. Pulling out the second capsule, she holds it out to Dr. Strange and activates it, the Anti-Venom Suit engulfing him and burning away the living abyss imprisoning him. As symbiote dragons manifest around them, roaring angrily, Black Cat grabs Dr. Strange and makes a break for it, finding herself and Dr. Strange plummeting as the mass disperses into a horde of dragons.

Dr. Korpse and Bruno arrive with the Spider-Mobile and Black Cat latches onto it with her grapnel, ratcheting herself and Dr. Strange to safety. As her Anti-Venom Suit disintegrates, Black Cat tells Dr. Korpse to find a way to wake Dr. Strange up and for Bruno to step on the gas. Activating a bandolier of Dr. Korpse's homemade bombs, Black Cat hurls it at the symbiote dragons, Bruno using the Spider-Mobile's webbing to maneuver between skyscrapers. Black Cat snaps at Dr. Korpse to wake Dr. Strange up, Dr. Korpse snapping back that he's not a medical doctor. The horde of symbiote dragons attack, Black Cat thinking to herself that if Dr. Strange doesn't wake up soon they'll have to improvise - something that is normally her strong suit, but that she doesn't do well with magic or aliens. As Black Cat notes that the Spider-Mobile can't handle much more punishment, a symbiote dragon swipes it out of the sky mid-leap, ripping off one of the wheels and causing it to crash-land. Noting that she and her crew are out of their element and that people in her line of work who get out of their element usually end up dead, Black Cat tells her crew to sound off and is relieved to hear Bats is the only one who's dead. Dismayed that the Spider-Mobile is smashed beyond repair, Black Cat admits that things don't look good before wondering what would happen if she used Strange's Asgardian staff instead. everyone advising her against it. Noting that they can't shoot their way out, Black Cat unwraps the piece of the Yggdrasil Staff and activates it, finding herself encased in golden Asgardian armor and infused with divine power.

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• Black Cat has to steal from Knull himself!

• If you know Felicia Hardy, she never shows up inappropriately dressed - THIS ISSUE, Felicia gets her own ANTI-VENOM COSTUME!

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