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Quote1 You offered me ashes. Did you really think… …that I would MAKE someone LOVE me…  … WITH MAGIC?! Quote2
Black Cat

Appearing in "Queen in Black: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Queen in Black: Part Three"

Finding herself in the middle of a ring of light in an endless dark expanse, Black Cat surmises that she's dead. A voice interrupts, wryly assuring her that's not the case, and Black Cat lets out a yelp of surprise before turning to see Black Fox. However, when she asks what's going on the man smugly states that he is not her mentor, simply borrowing his form to communicate with her. Black Cat demands to know who the man is and what's going on, and he informs her that they are inside her mind and he is the incarnation of the ancient wild magic channeled through the Yggdrasil Staff. Black Cat demands to know what's going on in the real world, and the avatar of magic replies that it's looking bad - opening a window to the real world, where Black Cat levitates - clad in gold-and-white Asgardian armor as her lackies demand to know what's going on. As several symbiote-dragons swoop towards her, Black Cat reacts in horror and says she needs to get back. Ignoring her, the avatar of magic walks away - conjuring a downward staircase as she shouts for him to send her back. Refusing to do so until she hears what he has to say, the avatar of magic reiterates that it is the manifestation of ancient wild magic conducted into her body through the Yggdrasil Staff. As Black Cat demands to know what he wants with her, the avatar of magic conjures a massive chessboard and says he wants her to say "Yes." When she asks what he means, the avatar of magic replies that he is governed by certain strict rules but wants to be free to carve his mark across the cosmos - although in order to do so he needs a willing conduit. Black Cat skeptically asks what's in it for her, and the avatar of magic replies that he can give her all the power in the universe. Black Cat quips that he needs to buy her dinner first since she's not the kind of girl to put out on a first date, the avatar of magic mockingly retorting that she absolutely is. Irritated, Black Cat snaps that she has expensive tastes and wants to test-drive what the avatar of magic is offering. Extending her claws dramatically, the Black Cat says she her lackeys are about to become dragon chow because of her and she wants to wipe the dragons out of existence.

The avatar of magic happily agreeing, Black Cat's eyes snap open and she feels divine power coursing through her - which she compares to shaking hands with a thermonuclear bomb. Eyes blazing with golden light, the Black Cat casually rips the symbiote-dragons to shreds - sending arcs of golden light from the tips of her claws. As she revels in her apotheosis and wonders how anyone could ever say no to godhood, Felicia suddenly finds herself watching the battle on TV, the avatar of magic seated nearby. Black Cat asks how she could be both out there fighting and watching from inside her mind, the avatar of magic replying that he can do many interesting things and hopes they can do even more interesting things together. Taking a sip of champagne, the avatar of magic asks when the first time she felt powerless was, and Black Cat scowls and refuses to answer. The television abruptly changes to show a young Felicia Hardy asking her distraught mother Lydia Hardy why she's crying. Lydia replies that Felicia's father, Walter Hardy, has passed away in a plane crash. As her childhood self starts to cry, the adult Felicia scoffs that her mother lied to her face - her father had actually been an infamous cat-burglar who'd finally gotten caught, and used his one phone call to order his wife to tell their daughter he'd died. Felicia bitterly states that her mother hated doing so but did it anyway, wondering aloud what it must've done to her. The avatar of magic interjects to commiserate and ask what it must've done to Felicia, Black Cat coldly retorting that she was fine and got over it, even busting him out of jail so he could die in his own bed.

As her body grins maliciously and rips a symbiote-dragon apart, the avatar of magic replies that Felicia always survives - no matter how terribly she gets hurt in the process. The TV flashes to the time Black Cat was caught in the crossfire of a gang-war between Doctor Octopus and the Owl, Black Cat grimacing as she recalls how she nearly died and admitting that was a bad night. Radiating bolts of golden lightning, the apotheosized Felicia shouts a challenge to the symbiote-dragons as Bats remarks that it's not as bad as he thought it would be. Dr. Korpse demands to know how it could get any worse, and Bats replies that he thought Felicia would explode. Doctor Strange regains consciousness and is horrified to see Felicia has practically become a goddess, almost going into shock when Bats says he gave her the Yggdrasil Staff. In her mental world, the avatar of magic leads Black Cat through an art gallery depicting scenes from her life - narrating that after her near-death experience she realized she needed power in order to not be a burden for her lover at the time, Spider-Man, but was disdainfully rejected by the Avengers and Fantastic Four. The Kingpin had given her the power she desired, but at the price of her relationship with Spider-Man when he found out what she'd done. Black Cat protests that she didn't know Fisk would double-cross her, but the avatar of magic retorts that Spider-Man hadn't cared about her naivity.

In the real world, Doctor Strange grouses that things are extremely bad, explaining to Bruno Grainger that Felicia is channeling raw divine power, as amoral and destructive as a hurricane or a nuclear explosion, and must relinquish it of her own accord before it overwhelms her... and that if she is overwhelmed she will become a threat exceeding even Knull. As Doctor Strange says he prays that Felicia is strong enough to resist the temptation of unlimited power, Black Cat sits on a bench in her mental world as the avatar of magic remarks that even her newfound power wasn't enough, gazing at a painting of Venom mauling her. Seething in rage, Black Cat rounds on the avatar of magic and snaps that she's had enough, and that if he wants her to say "Yes" he should stop showing her memories of men beating her up. As she bites out that the avatar of magic won't break her down, Black Cat abruptly finds herself on a game-show stage, the audience full of doppelgangers of the avatar of magic. Playing the part of a game-show host, the avatar of magic says he'll show her what can be hers if she says "yes" - pulling back a curtain to reveal a picture of Black Cat holding Knull's severed head by the hair and triumphantly standing over the corpses of Venom, Doctor Octopus, the Owl, and the Kingpin. Giddy at the sight, Black Cat tells him to show her more; and the avatar of magic offers her the treasures of the cosmos and the power to bring her father back to life - pulling back the second curtain to show a painting of Felicia wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, Doctor Doom, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Captain America kneeling before her bearing lavish tributes while her parents proudly look on. Covering her mouth, Black Cat tears up at the sight of her parents together again. Showboating, the avatar of magic says that's not all he can give her - dramatically pulling back the final curtain to reveal a painting of Felicia surrounded by a harem of her former lovers fawning over her; saying that he could mend every heart Felicia has broken and return every lover who forsook her to her side. Horrified and disgusted, Black Cat rounds on the avatar of magic - her body letting out a scream of pain as Doctor Strange says it's happening. As she grabs him by the front of his suit, the avatar of magic protests that he promised her everything, but Black Cat extends her claws and snarls that he promised her ashes. Slashing him, she furiously demands to know if he really thought she would force anyone to love her with magic.

In the real world, Black Cat reverts to her mortal form and drops out of the sky, her crew rushing to break her fall and see if she's OK. Picking up the piece of the Yggdrasil Staff, Doctor Strange marvels at the Black Cat - an uninitiated with no magical experience whatsoever - having survived, asking what it offered her. Picking herself up, Black Cat grumbles that it offered her everything - more than her soul could take without becoming a monster. Doctor Strange begrudgingly admits he's impressed, remarking he'd thought she would've accepted at the drop of a hat and killed them all. Smirking, Black Cat quips that she was sorely tempted before saying she likes him too. Growing serious, Doctor Strange looks up at the sky and says it's not over yet, Black Cat and her crew turning to see a fresh wave of symbiote-dragons incoming. Groaning in dismay, Black Cat tells Doctor Strange to warp her crew to safety. Complying, Doctor Strange asks if she's ready; and Black Cat grins, extends her claws, and says she's as ready as she'll ever be.

Solicit Synopsis

• Stealing from a space god has made Felicia Hardy pull out a whole new bag of tricks...

• And some of these tricks? Their effects may last far beyond the invasion of the King in Black.

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