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Leader of the Shi'ar Death Commandos, Black Cloak and the other members massacred the family of Jean Grey in order to eradicate her genome. Black Cloak tried to murder Grey's daughter Rachel Summers but missed and shot Jean's mother, Elaine Grey, instead. Rachel has a special hatred of Black Cloak because of this act.

During the War of Kings, Black Cloak was ordered to kill the former empress and fugitive Lilandra Neramani. Gladiator believed that Lilandra was murdered by the Death Commandos (it was in fact a raptor in Darkhawk armor). Gladiator hunted down Black Cloak and his superiors and engaged Black Cloak in combat. Black Cloak actually managed to hold his own against the enraged Gladiator and had gained the upper hand and was about to kill him when Rachel Summers arrived with the Starjammers and used her powers to explode his head, killing him in revenge.[1]


Highly Skilled Combatant: Black Cloak has demonstrated enough skill in armed combat to match and overpower Gladiator, one of the most powerful beings in the universe.


Black Cloak carried a spear that fire a disintegration beam at opponents. His helmet could discharge a concussive blast. He could also use his cloak to teleport opponents to an unknown location, which may be related to the Darkforce, much like the hero Cloak.

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