A band of renegade Navajos led by chief Black Cloud attack a stage coach. Their attack is interrupted by the arrival of Kid Colt who sends them fleeing. As Kid Colt and the coach part company, Black Cloud and his surviving braves watch. Black Cloud then orders his warriors Black Bear and Running Deer to capture Kid Colt and bring him back to their tribe. That night as Kid Colt is camped out, he is attacked by the two Navajo warriors who knock him out and bring him before Black Cloud.

Coming around, Kid Colt is informed by Black Cloud that he will be tortured and then eventually killed for his interference. First they tie Kid Colt up and leave him out in the sun and force him to crawl to a bowl of water. Facing dehydration, Kid Colt struggles to the bowl and finds that the Navajos have cruelly filled it with salt water. They then tie the Kid to a horse and drag him along the area, leaving him battered and bloody. Finally, they tie him to a stake where they intend to burn Kid Colt alive. They decide to leave his guns in their holsters so that the fire will cause the bullets to explode, causing a more painful death.

However, the flames weapon the ropes that bind him enough for Kid Colt to break free. He then pulls his guns and begins shooting at the Navajos sending them fleeing into a nearby buffalo grazing range that leads to a dead end. Riding along a ridge above, Kid Colt fires scare the buffalo sending them on a stampede that tramples Black Cloud and his followers.[1]

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