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Black Pirates,[1] "Black sea-wolves"[2]
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Southern Isles/Silver Isles; mobile aboard the Tigress; active on the Western Ocean and the Black Coast
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Ajonga, Asambi, B'Tumi, Basara, Bataga, Bêlit, Conan / "Amra", Datira, Laboto, Laranga, M'Gora, N'yaga, Odongo, Yasunga, Zula

Mutineers: Awogmu, Chama, Kawaku
Information-silk.png Allies
Matubis,[4] Watambi;[5] formerly Bird-Riders of the Isles of Silver[3]
Information-silk.png Enemies
Ghomli and the Bird-Riders of the Isles of Silver[3]
Information-silk.png Origin
Pirates of the Southern Isles
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History of team is unknown.


Transportation: The Tigress


  • Among the Black Corsairs, some of them truly believe Bêlit to be a goddess, while other pretend to, striving in truth for plunder.[3]

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