Black Dechantment is a stone-like material that was acquired by Dormammu while "plumbing the depths of prehistory." When properly applied, it puts the person affected by it under the control of the Lord of the Dark Dimension, slowly turning them into one of the Mindless Ones through a "Mindless Plague." This plague affects the most intelligent people in the vicinity first, and works its way down the area's intellect to control all, regardless of their mystical potential. However, the substance is also capable of bypassing any spell or other magical defense, with any who manipulate the mystic arts being vulnerable.[1][2]

A meteorite composed of it sent out into the Nine Realms, where it collided with the Bifrost, and a shard implanted itself in Heimdall's chest when he struck with Hofund, only to be removed when Vision phased through his torso to destroy the entire piece from within.[3]

Mys-Tech was also granted a supply of the substance to create magical bullets for their assassin Ethan Slaughter, with Horguun to forging weapons to near-fatally wound Earth's mystics. Even after the destruction of most of them, Agent Leo Fitz was infected with the "Mindless Plague" and shot Scarlet Witch.[1]

Only by going to the Dark Dimension were the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. able to stop the plague, using Absorbing Man's abilities to turn him into a being who could temporarily fight back very effectively against the magically empowered Dormammu, before he used his ball and chain to destroy the only known source of the material.[2]

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