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Official Name
Black Dragon Tong



Former Members
Collective Man, Lin (Black Dragon), Wolverine



During the 1950s, Wolverine visited San Francisco's Chinatown and encountered the Black Dragon Tong, which was extorting the community.[1] He defeated the gang and slayed their leader, leaving a power vacuum. To prevent the collapse of order and prevent the return of the Tong wars, Lin took leadership of the Black Dragon Tong which Wolverine had rejected.[2]

Five decades later Wolverine returned to Chinatown and was confronted by Lin who tried to kill him.[3] Once again the Black Dragon Tong was defeated but this time Wolverine accepted leadership of the Tongs in San Francisco to prevent a gang war at the urging of the Sons of the Tiger.[2]

The Collective Man later came to San Francisco and attempted to take over the underworld in Chinatown.[4] He temporarily assumed leadership of the Tongs but was defeated by the X-Men.[5]. Wolverine later gave up the position of Black Dragon.[6] The new Black Dragon is now Fat Cobra.[7]


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