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During the 1950s, Wolverine visited San Francisco's Chinatown and encountered the Black Dragon Tong, which was extorting the community.[1] He defeated the gang and slayed their leader, and left due to being wanted by police after killing lo Shang cho leaving a power vacuum. To prevent the collapse of order and prevent the return of the Tong wars, Lin took leadership of the Black Dragon Tong which Wolverine had rejected.[2]

Five decades later Wolverine returned to Chinatown and was confronted by Lin who tried to kill him.[3] Once again the Black Dragon Tong was defeated but this time Wolverine accepted leadership of the Tongs in San Francisco to prevent a gang war at the urging of the Sons of the Tiger.[2]

A faction within the Black Dragon Tong would later align with Jade Claw. Who had established a narcotics operation in Subterranea, with opium poppy fields, underground greenhouses, and methamphetamine factories. She was going to establish a global narcotics empire and supply all of the drug addicts' needs. Her operation was shut down by Wolverine and allies, who also freed the slave labor that she was using.[4]

The Collective Man later came to San Francisco and attempted to take over the underworld in Chinatown.[5] He temporarily assumed leadership of the Tongs but was defeated by the X-Men.[6]. Wolverine later gave up the position of Black Dragon after he for some reason finally realized that he basically became a crime boss by assuming the mantle.[7] The new Black Dragon is now Fat Cobra.[8]



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