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Black Event
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Black Event
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The Black Event, categorically, is the complete and utter destruction of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. In the hours prior to its destruction, Kenneth Connell, bearer of the Star Brand, had participated in a comic book convention after embracing the ideas of a superhero. While there, he encountered his old nemesis, the Old Man, and the two fought inside the convention, killing hundreds of bystanders in the process. In the scuffle, Ken read the Old Man's mind and learned he was a centuries old man driven insane by the power of the Star Brand. With this information, coupled by the devastation caused by their fight, Ken decided to get rid of the Star Brand. He had initially planned to transfer the energies on the Moon, but fearing he wouldn't get help in time, he decided to do so within the Earth's atmosphere. Despite the futile efforts of the specter-like Paranormal known as The Witness, Ken attempted to transfer the Star Brand into a weight. Because the Star Brand couldn't handle its new "home", it resulted in a catastrophic, yet soundless, explosion at 6:06 PM, December 22nd.

Despite the work of MacIntyre Browning to prevent everyone knowing of the devastation, the Russians reveal the destruction and begin a months long strain of tension, leading to the militarization of many male Paranormals and initiating a war with Russia that would end with the Star Child's influence.


In The Pitt, Browning calls the Black Event the Pittsburgh Effect.


It has been speculated the destruction of Pittsburgh was a parting shot at former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter. Shooter was born in Pittsburgh.

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