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The Black Galaxy is a living "bio-verse" and Ego the living planet was born there. When the Rigellians tried to colonize within the Black Galaxy, Ego gave them trouble. The Rigellians had at this time made a claim on Earth, but agreed to remove it if Thor would help them. Thor was able to eliminate the menace of Ego.[1]

Sometime later the High Evolutionary and Hercules were inexplicably transported to the Black Galaxy after getting caught in the High Evolutionary's evolution ray. The High Evolutionary was able to get a message to the Knights of Wundagore to come to the Black Galaxy and they passed it on to Thor. The Knights and Thor then traveled to the Black Galaxy where they found Hercules, the High Evolutionary and what appeared to be some sort of Celestial technology. Thor took Hercules back to Earth, while the High Evolutionary stayed behind to study the Celestial tech.[2]

The Celestials later summoned Thor and Hercules back to the Black Galaxy where it was learned that the Celestial tech was actually a new Celestial about to be born. Apparently both Hercules and the High Evolutionary were necessary for the birthing process and they were drawn in to the new Celestial along with Thor. Stellaris, a being who hated the Celestials for unknown reasons, came to destroy the new Celestial with a massive explosion, but her efforts actually were the final element needed for the birth. The new Celestial released the beings it had absorbed and then absorbed the entirety of the Black Galaxy as it was being born, thereby bringing about its end.[3]

Doctor Spectrum (Joseph Ledger) of Earth-TRN852 claimed to have tamed the living bio-verse of the Black Galaxy "one bloody sun at a time".[4]

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While not created with the intention, it has been suggested that the galaxy from "No Signs of Life" in Amazing Adult Fantasy #10 can retroactively be considered the Black Galaxy.

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