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Base Of Operations
Metropole, Rhode Island

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Former Members
Emil Natas, other unnamed

Criminal gang

Place of Defunction
Metropole, Rhode Island


The Black Gang was a group of mobsters active in the 1940s, and secretly led by Emil Natas. According to Captain America, the Black Gang was responsible for mayhem, murdering, and sabotage for "the war enemy" of World War II. Which likely means that Natas was working for the Axis Powers.[1]

Natas legitimately practiced medicine from his office in Rhode Island as a front for his operations. When Captain America and Bucky were called in to break the Black Gang's operation, they captured most of the gang. But the captured criminals refused to reveal the name of their leader. Bucky discovered that a gang member had dropped a business card for Dr. Natas' office. He suspected that Natas was the secret leader of the gang.[1]

Suspecting that Natas is the leader of the gang, Captain America and Bucky headed to his office to learn the truth. The encounter led to Natas' death. What happened to other members of the Gang is unknown.[1]


  • While Captain America and Bucky suspected Emil Natas of being the secret leader of the Black Gang, this is not actually confirmed in the original story. The otherwise talkative Natas never even mentions the Gang and his attack on Cap had a more personal motive.

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