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Quote1.png Los Angeles is my home -- you dig? An' so long as super-powered hot shots like Atom-Smasher an' Vulcan are runnin around my town... ...Black Goliath is gonna be around to stop 'em. An' if you don't like them apples, chum -- You can Lump 'em. Quote2.png
Black Goliath

Appearing in "Dance to the Murder!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • LAPD
    • Emiliano Rojas (First and only known appearance; dies)
    • Jennifer Yashida
  • Neil (Photo)
  • security guards
    • Harry

Synopsis for "Dance to the Murder!"

After being captured by Black Goliath, Atom-Smasher is shot dead by an unseen gunman on the roof who disappears by the time that Black Goliath gets up there to investigate. Then, without warning, Goliath is suddenly taken with feelings of incredible sickness which causes him to revert to his normal size.

At Stark International's west coast laboratory, Dale West tries to cover for Foster's absence when Tony Stark calls for him. He is told by Stark that he will call again tomorrow morning and that if Foster isn't there that he hired the wrong man for the job. As Talia leaves for work that evening, she is tormented by memories of having failed her lover, Neil, resulting in his death in Bangkok. She is then accosted by a motorcycle gang wearing Halloween masks who are attempting to rob the lab.

West tries to fend off the raiders using the force-field generating vest that he had been working on, but it overloads, nearly killing him. The motorcycle gang is able to escape with a box that had arrived earlier that day that was personally addressed to Tony Stark. As the gang escapes, however, they are met at the gate by the returning Black Goliath who quickly dispatches the goons. He is then attacked, however, by the superhumanly powerful Vulcan, who collapses an entire building on Goliath and kills a police officer before escaping. The box, which was lost under the building's rubble, begins to glow and emits some form of energy which seems almost alive.

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