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The Black Hand of God is the severed hand of a Celestial slain by Knull early into his deicidal rampage. Set adrift through deep space, it was eventually converted into a gladiatorial arena where the greatest warriors in the universe would battle.

Odin Borson was taken to the Black Hand by his daughter Angela to vent after getting into an argument with his son Thor. Battling against an alien warrior, Odin was almost defeated but was rescued by Thor, who disarmed the alien warrior before taking Odin to find Mjolnir.[1]

The Black Hand of God destroyed by Iron Man

Some time later, Thor brought the Hulk to the Black Hand to settle their rivalry over who was the Strongest Avenger once and for all, intending to subdue him and return him to Earth in order to prevent him from running rampant.[2] Odin's spirit - indwelling Mjolnir - attempting to put an end to the conflict after entering Bruce's mindscape and learing why he was intent on fleeing Earth.[3] However, Iron Man deployed his new "Celestial Hulkbuster" suit and ended up destroying the Black Hand attempting to capture the Hulk himself.[4]


  • According to legend, the Black Hand is still alive and seeks to be reunited with its body.[1]
  • According to Uatu, who is sometimes a patron of the arena, the popcorn is quite nice.[2]

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