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This innocent looking lance is in reality a most deadly arsenal of weapons: the Black Knight could fire all sorts of missiles from this dangerous weapon.

He used it to fire whirling bolas against Thor, but he knocked the lance from his hand before the bolas could wrap around him. Thor's Mjolnir also easily deflected any projectiles fired from the lance.[1]

In the next battle against the Avengers, the Black Knight used his invincible lance's guard, enlarged by the atmospheric pressure, as a giant whirling disc with sharp edges. The whirlpool caused the Avengers' jet to spin towards the wheel, but Thor eventually managed to shatter it with his hammer.[2]

The unearthly energy of Thor's swinging hammer trapped the Black Knight and Melter in a dimensional space warp, where certain natural laws were reversed, so that the attack with the atomic lance had no effect.[3]


The Black Knight's principal weapon was his atomic-powered Power Lance, which was rigged with a number of offensive technological devices.

  • Thermal Beam: The lance could emit an acetylene-based heat beam intense enough to melt through a two-foot thick steel wall at fifty feet within seconds.
  • Ionic Energy Blast: The lance could emit powerful electrical charges that could disable electronics.
  • Force Blast: The lance could project electro-magnetic concussive beams of charged alpha particles exerting a concussive force sufficient to blast through a foot-thick wall of cinderblocks at fifty feet in four seconds. The maximum effective range of the power blaster was about 100 feet.
  • Bolo Cables: The lance contained two spools of eight-inch thick' conductive steel cable, fifty feet in length, which the Knight sometimes attached to bolo bells. The firing mechanism was a linear accelerator (magnetic cannon), which shot the cable through the lance, Especially when connected to bolo balls, the ends of the cable were weighted in such a way that the cable tended to wrap around a person or object like a bolo.
  • Lasso: The lance could fire a rope as a lasso.
  • Machine Gun: On at least one occasion, the Knight concealed a .45 caliber machine gun within his lance.
  • Buzz Discs: The Knight could use the lance to fire red-hot spinning metal discs as weapons.
  • Sappers: The Knight could use the lance to fire super-heated metal "doughnuts" which affixed themselves to objects and drained electrical energy from them.

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