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The warrior known as the Black Knight was a conqueror who was active during the 6th Century. During this period, he briefly took over the kingdom of Camelot, imprisoning King Arthur and his knights. He protected himself in Arthur's castle with a dragon that was under his control and terrorized the country side.

When time 1940's time traveler Tommy Tyme appeared in 6th Century England (a trip instigated by Merlin the magician), he appeared just as the Black Knight was terrorizing a young maiden. Tommy fired a pebble into the Knight's mouth with his sling shot and was challenged to a sword fight by the Black Knight. The Knight easily broke Tommy's sword with his own, and before he could strike down the boy, Merlin teleported the Black Knight away.

Tyme eventually tracked down the Black Knight at King Arthur's castle and got past the dragon thanks to the assistance of Merlin once again. The magician showed Tommy the way to the dungeon to free King Arthur and his men and led them to the armory. Properly armed, the rightful King led his minions into battle against the Black Knight and his men, slaughtering them all. Following the Black Knight's death, Arthur was restored to power who knighted Tommy before the lad was returned to his own time.[1]



The Black Knight wore a suit of armor.


The Black Knight was armed with a broadsword.

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