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An armored criminal who joined a rejuvenated Young Masters.[1] She accompanied the team to their new headquarters, an abandoned Hydra base in Pennsylvania, and then helped them inspect the corpse of Bullseye, before the team were attacked by Lady Bullseye.[2]

Later targeting Dr. Octopus for "execution", the Young Masters found themselves battling the Sinister Six while being assisted by/battling the Teen Brigade, with Black Knight being assisted in taking down Sandman by Teen Brigade member Ultimate Nullifier.[3]

Following the assault on the Sinister Six, Black Knight chose to visit a nightclub. There, she was met by Ultimate Nullifier, and following some flirting, they returned to the Young Masters' headquarters, where the two spent the night together while the other Young Masters attempted to recruit Kid Loki.[4]

In the morning, Black Knight showed Ultimate Nullifier a letter that spurred the Young Masters on their quest to kill older villains, along with a CIA file discussing genocide carried out by Red Skull in Poland during World War II on Russian prisoners. Informing Ultimate Nullifier she was going to leave the Masters and had plans that didn't involve evil, she left the Young Masters' base, leaving behind the CIA file for Nullifier.[5]

After some time, she was seen living in Bagalia and back with the Young Masters under Constrictor's orders.[6]




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