Not much is known about the Black-Light Men, an alien race that exists in Universe-5464. They live on a planet that they can apparently direct and as such as mobile. Their planet is difficult to detect by conventional means, and would require a "Negative-Spot Ray" to be seen through a telescope.

In their only recorded appearance they were attempting to reposition the Earth to change it to a colder climate that could not sustain human life, and using a gravity ray to lift any survivors off the planet so that they in turn could sell the planet to Martians. This plot would be foiled by Whirlwind Carter and the Interplanetary Secret Service who would storm the Black Light Planet and fight the attackers. Learning that the Black Light Men were afraid of fire, their armies were chased off a cliff by a group of ISS soldiers carrying flaming torches. In defeat, the Black Light Men's planet was sent spiraling off into space.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Black Light Men are capable of seeing in the dark and are immune to the effects of extreme cold. Their tick skin to shield from the cold also makes them more resistant to damage.


The Black Light Men are afraid of heat and fire.


Habitat: The Black Light People live on an arctic world that is mostly devoid of life. It is covered with ice and snow. This is likely due to the fact the planet travels on a free orbit and is not heated by a star.
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Oxygen based


Level of Technology: Advanced, they have developed anti-gravity technology that allows them to move planets, including their own.

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