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Black Lotus' past is unknown, but she is apparently an assassin of some repute.

When she was first seen, Black Lotus had been hired, along with several other assassins, by Damon Dran to capture the Black Widow. Black Lotus helped to initially subdue the Widow with a kick to the head. However, she, along with the other assassins, was instead defeated by the Black Widow after she came to her senses.[1]

Later, Black Lotus was one of the costumed "super-women" recruited by Superia to come to Femizonia Island and join her all-female army, the Femizons. While en route to Femizonia, the heroes Captain America and Paladin located them, but were discovered. Black Lotus participated in the en masse assault by the Femizons that resulted in the capture of the two heroes.[2]



Black Lotus is an extremely proficient hand-to-hand combatant and is a master of the martial arts. She has not been seen using any particular weaponry. She is willing and able to use her abilities to lethal effect.

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