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Doctor Strange used the Black Mirror to search for Clea and Wong.[1]

The Black Mirror eventually came into possession of Marie Laveau. She allowed Captain Marvel to used the Black Mirror to explore the past.[2]

At some point, the Black Mirror was taken by Tina and Robert Minoru for use of their search into their heritage. Shocked by what they found, the Minorus sealed the mirror to prevent others from using it. After the Minorus' deaths, Marie Laveau retook possession of the mirror and tricked Nico Minoru into opening it. Nico inadvertently broke the mirror, allowing Laveau to retrieve the Parchment of Power that was hidden behind the mirror.[3]


* Teleportation: The Black Mirror is a mystical mirror that allows individuals to view or to teleport to other dimensions, times, or realities.[1][2][3]


  • It appears that the Black Mirror can alter its size.[1][2][3]

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