The Black Ogre is a member of the Manidoog pantheon of gods, worshiped by the Puebloan peoples (including the Taos, Acoma, Zuni, and Hopi), who know the Manidoog as the Kachina (Or Katchina) of what is now the western United States for centuries. He is a member of the "Ogre Kachina" a class of the pantheon who were worshiped as enforcers of good behavior (specifically children). His exact origins are unknown as the mythology of many of the Kachina worshipers differs from tribe to tribe, and there is evidence that these legends also assimilated the cosmology of other cultures when European explorers began to visit North America.[1]

During the days of the American Frontier, an outlaw named Ryker and his men supplied guns to a local tribe of Apaches with guns to attack a tribe of Puebloan people. When the outlaw hero Kid Colt came to the aid of the Pueblos, Ryker had one of his men dress up as the Black Ogre to scare the Pueblos using their mythology against them. Kid Colt exposed this hoax and went after Ryker and his remaining men, but his horse Steel tripped over a rope trap sending Kid Colt falling off his horse.

Before Ryker and his men could slay him, the real Black Ogre appeared and slaughtered Ryker and his men and disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. There have not been any recorded appearances of the Black Ogre since.[2]


The exact extent of the Black Ogre's powers and abilities are unknown, but it appears that he has the ability to teleport, explaining how he suddenly appeared and disappeared in his only recorded appearance.

Like other members of the Manidoog the Black Ogre has superhuman strength, stamina, resistance to injury, longevity (although not immortal like the Olympian gods) and the ability to tap into and manipulate mystical energies of feats of magic.

Strength level

The average Manidog male can lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions;

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