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Black Order
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Information-silk Base of Operations
Earth, formerly mobile throughout the universe
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Formerly Thanos
Information-silk Place of Defunction


After Thanos took over Earth following an invasion from the Builders, the Black Order remained on the planet and were ordered not to step foot within New Attilan, the new home of the Inhumans, per the truce bewteen Thanos and King Black Bolt. The truce was broken when the Inhuman Royal Family were caught by the Black Order bringing in a weapon into New Attilan. A fight broke out that was eventually joined by Thanos and Black Bolt. When the dust settled, all the members of the Black Order were dead. Before being killed by Black Bolt, Corvus Glaive revealed that Black Bolt had betrayed the Earth by eliminating Earth's remaining heroes in exchange for Thanos protecting the Inhumans and Earth.[1]


Weapons: Corvus Glaive's Glaive, Proxima Midnight's Spear

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