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Gabe Jones

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Synopsis for "Part III"

After routing the German attack force, Nick Fury interrogates an injured Nazi soldier to learn the location of the Red Skull's base camp.

Meanwhile at the Royal Palace, the Black Panther's sons argue and fight, prompting the monarch to teach them a lesson by having them dig graves to bury their fallen Wakandan warriors.

At the Nazi base camp, the Red Skull introduces his army of superhumans to their ally, the White Gorilla, the leader of a neighboring African nation and enemy of the Black Panther. The German superhumans question why the Skull would ally with an African and are told that compromises must be made in times of war, much like Germany's alliance with the Japanese.

While speaking alone, Fury asks Gabe Jones to go on a secret mission to find Wakanda's Vibranium in order to ensure its safety from the Nazis. While Jones resents being given the assignment simply because of his race, he agrees to do it. Fury next visits Captain America and asks him to also go on a top-secret mission that only he can complete. The Captain, however, refuses.

Jones is impressed by the advanced African society that he witnesses, considering it to be a heaven on Earth. He understands the need to protect this civilization from the likes of the Nazis and therefore continues on his mission, hitching a ride to the Vibranium workers who are about to go on shift. As Jones is questioned by a security officer, the mine comes under attack from Master Man while the village is attacked by Warrior Woman. Jones escapes into the mine-shaft as Master Man fights with the Panther. Captain America protects the Royal Palace which has come under siege by the White Gorilla while Wakanda's guards are torn to shreds by the cannibalistic Armless Tiger Man. He then captures the family of the Black Panther and plans to kill one of his sons.

Fury and the Howling Commandos track down the Nazi's base camp, only to be ambushed by an armor-clad Red Skull.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s all-out action as Captain America and the Black Panther wage total war against the Red Skull and his super-powered Nazi platoon. Master Man, Warrior Woman, and the armless Tiger Man all attack Wakanda. Cap squares off with Master Man. Warrior Woman drops from the sky straddling a Nazi Bomb. She is engaged by the Black Panther who runs his plane into her. Meanwhile, Tiger-Man attacks T'Chaka and S'Yan. He quickly subdues T'Chaka and promises to kill him if Wakanda does not surrender. To Be Continued.

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