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Quote1.png If I ever see a Nazi jackboot anywhere near my country again, I will rescind our non-interventionist policy, invade Germany myself and kill you all. Am I clear? Quote2.png
Black Panther

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Synopsis for "Part 4"

Gabe Jones escapes down the Wakandan mine-shaft, away from the battle between the Master Man and the Black Panther, while the rest of the Howling Commandos fight for their lives against an armored Red Skull. Along the way, Jones finds a piece of Vibranium and stores it in his uniform.

When Jones gets to the other side of the shaft he finds himself in the courtyard of the Royal Palace. Here he sees the Armless Tiger Man standing over a frightened T'Chaka. When the Nazi threatens to cut the boy's throat, Jones shoots him dead in the center of his forehead, while back at the mine-shaft, the Black Panther apparently kills both the Master Man and Warrior Woman.

While running from the Skull, the Commandos run right into Baron Strucker's tent, where they take a stand against the Nazis.

Jones, the Panther and Captain America take a plane to help the Commandos deal with the Nazi officers. Along the way, the Panther offers Jones Wakandan citizenship for helping to save his family. The heroes help to turn the tide of battle, defeating the Red Skull before Nick Fury and Baron Strucker end up in a stalemate, each pointing a gun at the other. Strucker surrenders in order to save the life of the Red Skull and both are then ordered to leave Wakanda, never to return without facing the full wrath of the Panther.

Before shipping out, Jones thanks the Panther for his hospitality, but tells him that he has to decline his offer as he needs to continue to fight in this war. On the way home, Fury asks him if he was successful in acquiring any Vibranium. Jones lies and says that he didn't, and though Fury doesn't believe him, he leaves Gabe alone. Back in America, Fury praises Captain America for his bravery and fighting ability, but recommends that the military supply him with a partner that will conduct black ops without hesitation. His commanding officers vow to take this thought into consideration.

After breaking his triangular shield in Africa, Captain America decides to have a new rounded shield built for him based on the design of the Black Panther's own shield.

Solicit Synopsis

Outmanned and outgunned, Captain America and the Black Panther battle Master Man, Warrior Woman, White Gorilla and the Red Skull. Meanwhile, Gabe Jones has to make a fateful choice: betray the U.S. government of the people of Wakanda. Who will he choose?


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