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Synopsis for "Fear and Loathing in Hell's Kitchen Part 1"

Over the course of a year, a bigoted office worker named Josh Glenn loses his job and his wife as he descends into an increasingly irrational hatred of foreigners and becomes obsessed wih the exploits of the original Hate-Monger. He is prevented by Black Panther from breaking into a pawn shop, but then the spirit of the Hate-Monger descends from space (hitching a ride with one of Sin’s Asgardian Fear-empowering objects) and possesses him (this spirit was last seen disembodied and blasted into space in Captain America (Vol. 3) #48).

In his civilian identity of Dr. Okwonko, the Panther is running a clinic to help victims of the Fear Itself monster rampages, but Josh Glenn publishes misleading photos of him in his Black Panther guise to turn people against him, and then comes with a group of right-wingers to try to shut down his clinic. Tensions escalate as Hate-Monger reveals his new ally, the American Panther, who is seemingly unaffected by a punch from T’Challa. Unwilling to risk the lives of all the injured people around them in a general brawl, Panther leaves with Sofija.

As the Panther tries to formulate a plan to take down the Hate-Monger, Homeland Security arrives to arrest him for infiltrating American society, and T’Challa realizes that Foggy Nelson has been arrested too for abetting him.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN You've read about it, and may have even argued about it...but here it is: The debut of the American Panther! What does his arrival mean to Hell's Kitchen? Find out in the series that Aint It Cool News hails as "one of the best titles Marvel is putting out!"

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