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Synopsis for "Fear and Loathing in Hell's Kitchen Part 2"

In his jail cell alongside Foggy Nelson, T’Challa has to fight off some bigoted thugs. Freed from jail after calling in some favors, T’Challa vows that Foggy’s career will not suffer. Elsewhere, the American Panther reflects on his past anti-immigrant crusade after his mother was killed by a foreigner, and how the Hate-Monger has amplified his emotions. Hate-Monger delivers his tirade to a captive audience, relishing the world burning around them. Hate-Monger makes the American Panther lick his boot and then take over the local police station to gain weapons and serve as his headquarters. Hours later the precinct unfurls a giant pro-hate banner over the front of the building.

Black Panther devises an earpiece to negate the Hate-Monger’s influence. With Sofija s help, he intends to get close enough to Hate-Monger to banish the possessing spirit with some technology he rigged up. He sets timer, and infiltrates the precinct. Knocking out all the mind-controlled cops. Eventually he must fight the Hate-Monger’s personal guardian, the American Panther. T’Challa lets himself be defeated and handcuffed by the police, expecting Sofija to do her part. She too has been arrested and Hate-Monger prepares to execute them both, but just then T’Challa’s timer goes off, knocking out the building’s generator and casting everyone into darkenss.

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FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! As the mayhem of the Worthy engulfs Manhattan, the American Panther makes his move to take control of the city!


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