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-- Black Panther (T'Challa)

Appearing in "Fear and Loathing in Hell's Kitchen, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Fear and Loathing in Hell's Kitchen, Part 3"

In the darkness the Black Panther uses an electronic signal that removes their handcuffs and they fight off the mind-controlled policemen. T’Challa has to fight American Panther once again, but this time does not hold back and therefore defeats him easily.

Hate-Monger has slipped out of the building and the Panther catches up with him a half-hour later, inciting more riots and preparing to burn a building that shelters immigrants. He attaches a device to his head that he hopes will exorcise the Hate-Monger’s spirit; a group of immigrants comes to fight off the mob trying to stop him, and Panther himself mist fight off the American Panther once more. Finally T’Challa attaches the device and presses the button, which successfully expels the Hate-Monger’s spirit.

The American Panther tries once more to kill T’Challa, but Panther defeats him once more; he falls into the mob who has now turned their anger onto the ones who tried to control them. The police arrive to arrest Josh Glenn and the man who wore the American Panther suit.

Later the Panther keeps his promise to Foggy Nelson by breaking into a building and purging the files containing his case. Elsewhere, a mysterious person dons the costume of the American Panther.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! With Manhattan — and the world—overrun by chaos, a brutal battle for the soul of the city is waged by the reborn Hate-Monger and the American Panther!

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