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Quote1.png NYC is under quarantine. Most of the city's heroes are making sure no one is getting off the island. But not this guy... the Panther. I've been keeping my eye on him since he showed up in Hell's Kitchen. He's no Spider-Man, but he's got a thing going. A scary thing. A thing I don't want anywhere near my thing. Quote2.png

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On the second night of the spider-power infestation, Black Panther watches over Shadowland, believing that the Kingpin, the new leader of the Hand, is up to something.

The sound of screaming breaks his concentration and he goes to see what the problem is, revealing that he has succumbed to the infestation and has grown four more arms. In the streets below him, a car driven by Overdrive is the cause of the commotion and he is driving like a madman.

As Black Panther follows after him, he realizes that Overdrive's destination is Shadowland. After breaking in, Overdrive emerges and Black Panther continues to pursue him.

Back at Shadowland, a Hand ninja informs the Kingpin of Overdive's successful theft and he believes that he is working for someone. He also tells him that the Black Panther is following after him. Kingpin, who doesn't want the Panther to discover what it is Overdirve stole, orders someone to stop him.

The Black Panther is able to guess where Overdrive is going and gets in front him and pops his tires, forcing Overdrive to jump out of the car. Suddenly, Lady Bullseye appears and faces off against the Black Panther, giving Overdrive a chance to flee.

The Black Panther realizes that whatever Overdrive is running away with, Lady Bullseye thinks it's better to lose it than have him learn what it is. He abandons the fight, however, when he sees Overdrive escape.

The Black Panther jumps onto the roof of the car and holds him by the neck, meaning no one is in control of the car as it nears a river. Overdrive admits that what he stole was an 8th grade girl. Lady Bullseye catches up to them and jumps onto the car, forcing the Black Panther to toss Overdrive out of the car and screech it to a halt, which throws Lady Bullseye off of it.

With the car stopped, he frees the little girl from the trunk and questions her on what the Kingpin would want with her. She says that kidnapping her would force her father, the best mergers and acquisitions man on Wall Street, to make him obey them. He asks her why they would want to control him. All she knows is that it involves Wakanda, the Black Panther's home country.


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