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Synopsis for "This World Shall Die!"

Black Panther hijacks the plane of the Sudanese officials in order to quickly return to Wakanda in spite of the potential diplomatic ramifications. He arrives just in time to take over from the Black Musketeers in a plan to neutralize the unstoppable beast Jakarra has become. If Jakarra reaches the Vibranium Mound, his sound-generating powers will resonate with the entire deposit and start a chain reaction through the Earth's crust, destroying the planet. Their only hope is to inject Jakarra with an anti-sonic toxin developed by Itobo. Black Panther manages to administer the injection just as the reaction in the Vibranium Mound begins. Jakarra seemingly explodes and the mound settles peacefully once more, though T'Challa remains buried beneath it...


  • Joshua Itobo is called "Joshua M'tobo" by N'Gassi in this issue.
  • This issue contains an advert for Hostess Fruit Pies featuring Spider-Man verses the Home Wrecker.

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